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Lectures and Course Programme

The Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences has established a course programme on safety engineering in 2014 focussing on functional safety, reliability engineering and modelling, quality management, and human aspects. The table below shows the course programme awarding 210 credits in total according the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System.

1st Semester
Safety Engineering Fundamentals6 credits
Mathematics for Engineers 16 credits
Physics6 credits
Applied Computer Sciences and Programming Languages6 credits
General Competences6 credits
2nd Semester
Methodology 16 credits
Human-Machine Interaction 16 credits
Mathematics for Engineers 26 credits
Digital Systems6 credits
Mechanical Engineering6 credits
3rd Semester
Reliability Engineering Fundamentals6 credits
Electrical Engineering6 credits
Embedded Systems6 credits
Material Sciences in Mechatronics and Electrical Engineering6 credits
Technical English for Engineers3 credits
Business Administration and Law for Engineers3 credits
4th Semester
Functional Safety 16 credits
Human-Machine Interaction 26 credits
Generic Quality Management6 credits
Mechanical Engineering Design6 credits
(Elective course, lecture or seminar)6 credits
5th Semester
(Elective courses, lectures or seminars)12 credits
(Elective courses, labs)12 credits
Safety Engineering Project Study6 credits
6th Semester
Methodology 26 credits
Functional Safety 26 credits
Safety and Reliability Management3 credits
Software Quality Management3 credits
6th & 7 th Semester
Internship25 credits
Seminar2 credits
7 th Semester
Bachelor Thesis12 credits
Colloquium3 credits